Adventist Musicians Biographical Resource

This listing includes professional biographies of over 1190 persons who are or have been associated with music in the Seventh-day Adventist church. It is a project that started in 2000 and concluded in February 2014 with the publication of the Adventist Musicians Biographical Resource book. Entries added to the website listings and biographies updated after publication of the book are marked with an asterisk (*). Additional information about selected persons and photographs (+) can be found at

Last Update/August 3, 2023

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A 992-page hardcover biographical dictionary that includes these listings and related biographies is now available at Seventh-day Adventist college and university libraries in North America, Mexico, Central and South America, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa, and the Caribbean. IAMA, Box 476, College Place, Washington  99324.  

Reactions to the book:

An amazing book!  . . . I appreciate the breadth with which you have defined Adventist musician, including entries about Sunny Liu and John Thurber along with those about Virginia-Gene Rittenhouse and Herbert Blomstedt. It is a treasure trove of information about that wondrous and wide variety of people who have contributed to the world of Seventh-day Adventist music.  Dr. John McVay, President, Walla Walla University

 The biographies are so well written!  I have been enjoying reading the few that I have sampled.  What a surprise to find a musical bio for my mother bio among them (Virginia Rittenhouse Fagal)!  I learned a few things from that one that I had not known before.

Thanks again for all the good work on these biographies.  Together they are a monumental resource for the church . . .  William Fagal, Associate Director, Ellen G. White Estate

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Patty Cabrera

Marcelo Caceres

Laurie Redmer Cadwallader*

Grace E. Cafferky*

Ronald Cafferky

Sandra Camp

Tiffany Campbell-Dailey

Joylin May Campbell-Yukl*

Jonathon (Chad) Carlson

Holly Blackwelder Carpenter

Charmaine Carrasco

Elena Casanova-Hanson

Del Case

Lois Case

George W. Casebeer+

Ethel Knight Casey*

Raymond K. Casey*

Marion Offer-Cashman

Norka Harper de Castillo

Maury A. Castro

William Cemer

Heidi Cerna

Carleen Chalmers Wymer

Moses Andrew Chalmers, Jr.*

Audley C. Chambers

Janice Chandler-Eteme

Ana Laura Chavez

Vasthi Almeida Cheddar

Evan Chesney

Charlene Insun Chi

Grace Choi

Joseph Eunkwan Choi

Betty Ann Christensen*

William Chunestudy

 Noel Clapham*+

Florence Clarambeau

David H. Clark

 Angelique Clay-Everett

 Celia Abney Cleveland*

 Dagmar Clottu

 Melissa Anderson Clouzet

 Yves G. Clouzet

Priscila Coelho

Glenn W. Cole

Donald Coleman

Paul Coleman*

Ronald Coleman

Cheryl Villegas Collins

David Collins

Lanny L. Collins

Marcelo Constanzo

Frank Contreras

Rosalie Contreras

Corazon Arevalo Coo

 Jonathan Arevalo Coo

Victor Coo

Cecilia Coo-Cruz

Lorayne Swartout Coombs

Peter J. Cooper*

John L. Corban

Myrn O\'Brien Corban*

Lonieta Thompson Cornwall*

Marilyn Dillow Cotton*+

Raiford D. Couden

Ralph Coupland

Henry Farley Courter*

Clifton V. Cowles, Jr.

Amy Crabtree

Terry Buchmiller Crair

Dixie Ritchie Cramer

Louis Crane*

 Waldo E. Crane*

Wesley A. Crane*

Norman Crarey

Howard Allen Craw, Jr.*

Timothy Cromwell

Tim Crosby

Nancy Cross-Hall

Judson Luther Crouse

Alfred Csammer*

Edna Smith Cubley