Teaching Music

Teaching Music in the SDA System

Thoughts on and Information about Teaching Music in the SDA System . . .


The Hiring of Teachers in the SDA System

Observations about how the system works and what it takes to get a position . . .


A Parable

A modern day parable on the quandary for talented youth who want to teach - at a time when the number of positions is shrinking . . .


Justifying Music in the Curriculum

Materials to assist in responding to challenges over music continuing in the schools . . .


Is Competition the Answer?

Four directors write from a twelve-year perspective about their experiences in music competition and the effect it had on them and their groups . . .


Jazz in Adventist Schools?

Jazz, stage, or swing bands are now being included in the curriculum of Adventist Schools, a controversial step in a educational system that throughout most of the 20th century considered this type of music inappropriate . . .


Teaching Resources*

Administering the Music Program

Information, materials, & suggestions on organizing & running a school music program



Planning Checklist (Click here for PDF version)

The Printed Program


Prism Concerts

Commission a Composition



Planning Checklist & Materials

Materials & forms for arranging tours . . .


Travel Checklist


Debra's Overstatements

Teaching Rhythm (PDF File)

Practice Record Form (PDF File) 


 Teaching World Music

Sample Class Schedule

Sample Lecture

 Teaching Music Appreciation

A Class Outline

Sample Lecture (Overview & Elements)

Sample Student Study Sheet (Overview & Elements)

Sample listening Unit

 Handbell Ringing


How About a Steel Band?


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