Music in Life

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In a society where choices in music are unlimited, it is sometimes difficult to sort out what is best to include as part of one's life. The following presentations offer thoughts about making choices in music for all aspects of life.


Are Music Choices Really Important?

Marvin L. Robertson

Musical style choices are not to be equated with one's relationship to God.

It is legitimate for a Christian to perform and enjoy both sacred and secular music.


Music and the Child

Elsie Landon Buck

Just as the child learns to speak the language he or she hears at home, a child becomes attuned to the music he or she hears in the home. . . . Parents need not be musicians to implant a love for good music in their children.


Music in the Home

Elsie Landon Buck

A child's God-given senses must be exposed to sounds that draw the mind and heart to Him. Music appreciation is conditioned by what is heard in the home from early childhood through the adult years.


Music in Society

Elsie Landon Buck

Music has become a presence and power with awesome effects. Popular music has become a global language that leaves a personal and permanent impression.


Endnotes: Music as an Ecumenical Force

Wolfgang Stefani

 When Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life," did that truth as it is in Jesus include a truth about the aesthetic realm? Or, is there no aesthetic truth? Or, is the truth about the aesthetic realm quite legitimately to be ignored as unimportant? Or, are we increasingly intimidated by what we perceive as a purely subjective, "taste-and-preference" issue - especially in a multi-cultural community of faith?


Christians and Music

Carlyle Manous

An extended presentation on choosing music for all aspects of life. This segment includes an introduction and part one which provides thoughts on choosing music for everyday life. See listing under Music in Worship for complete presentation.


 Guidelines Toward An SDA Philosophy of Music

Adopted by the 1972 Autumn Council of the General Conference

General guidelines for choosing music. 


A Seventh-day Adventist Philosophy of Music

Guidelines for Choosing Music (2005)



Adopted by the 2005 Autumn Council of the General Conference