The IAMA logo, created in a few seconds with the quick movements of a writing quill, is a cluster of notes from Beethovens sketchings for his Ninth Symphony. The logo was isolated by Thomas Emerson, Emeritus professor of Art at Walla Walla University.


What was IAMA?


The International Adventist Musicians Association was . . .


- a forum where music-related issues and ideas were discussed and presented -

- a source for news about what was happening in music in the Seventh-day Adventist church -

- a reference for information about music and musicians in the Seventh-day Adventist church -


All who were interested in music in the Adventist church were invited to join.


Members received ninety issues of an online or printed magazine or newsletter, titled variously Notes, Summer/Autumn and Winter/Spring. Additionally, IAMA provided a listing service for music positions, an IAMA Hotline, and a website. 


In its three decades, IAMA had members in seventeen countries . . . 


Significant Projects and publications . . .

During the three decades of its existence, IAMA published ninety magazines with over 300 articles covering all aspects of both current and past SDA music. These magazines are available at Most SDA colleges and universities 

A biographical listing of SDA musicians, Adventist Musicians Biographical Resource, was published in 2014. and  later placed at the IAMA website (www.iamaonline.com). At the time of its release as a book in 2014, it initially listed over 1000 SDA Musicians associated with the church. The book was sold publicly and placed in many non-Adventist universities and colleges as well as at SDA college and school music libraries. The websiteIt now includes over 1150 biographies. Historical overviews of music at fifteen SDA Colleges and universities are also listed at the website as well as noteworthy musical SDA groups. 


  IAMA Box 476, College Place, WA 99324 USA


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